Mind Spill Blog I read a post today about a biker (David Sylvester) who was doing a bike tour across Africa last summer, which during he learned about a store called “Niggers” in Lilongwe, Malawi. The store is supposed to be a hip-hop clothing store, which is actually a tent @ a flea (bitten) market.

On a message board that I frequent, some where outraged & upset, but after thinking about it, basically I don’t care. Inserting a double standard, if they where not Black then I may have something smart to say but… “We as a people use the word quiet frequently (but the more intra-racial friendly version “Nigga”). I think a better name for the store would have been Nigga, Niggaz, etc, more intra-racial friendly, but yet still a turn off to be all out in the open like that.

If they were in the States or another western country, this would have been all over the news & there would have been so much drama regarding. Maybe this like other African things that get ignored; hmmm maybe this should be ignored. This is just my ¢2.

To see what els was out there about Niggass, I did a Google on the word & found (a mock web hosting company)

Nigga defined by the “beloved” Tupac:

1. Nigger – a black man with a slavery chain around his neck.

2. Nigga – a black man with a gold chain on his neck.

Other Definitions found on Urban

3. Nigga – A word a white person can NEVER say while a black person is present or they will be beat down. but they say it with fellow white people

4. Nigga – A word used by blacks to maintain racial seperation and dwell on events over one hundred years ago.

5. Nigga – from one black man to another meaning to say; homie, brotha..etc.

6. Nigga – A term used freely by black people, since it is socially acceptable for racial minorities to be racists. It keeps people of some race apprehensive, when in company of people other than their race. Also used for low class people to regress to earlier time, as an excuse to hate, other races than their own.

There are more, but I think you get the picture NIGGA.

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True Account from David Sylvester

Black Folks! My name is David Sylvester and I recently completed a charitable bicycle trip in Africa, riding over 7000 miles from Cairo, Egypt to Cape Town, South Africa . The trip made me the first and only African American to cross two continents on a bicycle. I have plenty of great and fascinating stories. Many are funny, others bittersweet, some are poignant, but all are entertaining. Surprisingly one story has stood out and if it was not for the fact that I have a picture of it, many would never believe it. and it is for that reason that I am sharing it with you.

While in Lilongwe, Malawi, I came across a store by the name of “Niggers” —that’s right “ Niggers”! The other riders, who were all white, could not wait to inform me of this to see my reaction. Initially, I thought that it was a very bad joke but when the other riders were adamant about the existence of the store, I had to see it for myself.

What I found was a store selling what the owner called ‘hip hop’ style clothing . It was manned by two gentlemen — one of them asleep! (Talk about living up to or in this case down to a stereotype) I asked the guys what was up with the store name. After hearing my obvious non – Malawian accent and figuring out that I was from America, the man thumped his chest proudly and said “P-Diddy New York City! we are the niggers!”

My first reaction was to laugh, because many things when isolated can be very funny, but it quickly dawned on me that this was so not funny at all. It was pathetic. I did these bicycle trips across the USA and through the ‘Mother –Land’ in honor of one of my good friends, mentors and fellow African American, Kevin Bowser, who died on 9/11. Here I am, a black man riding across the world on his bicycle in honor of another black man, riding ‘home’ and what do I see?? Some Africans calling themselves Niggers! They were even so proud of it they put it on their store front to sell stuff. When I relay the story to folks back home in Philadelphia, most of them laugh too and rationalize it by saying ‘well, we can say it to each other’ or ‘there is a difference’ or even ‘they just spelled it wrong. It should have been ‘nigga’s’ or ‘niggah’s’ Gee like that would make a difference.

The issue is not the spelling. I was wrong. We are wrong. There is no justification for an infraction of this magnitude. The word and the sentiment behind it is Flat out wrong! We have denigrated and degraded ourselves to the point that our backwards mindset has spread like a cancer and infected our source, our brothers, our sisters, our Mother Land. I have traveled all over the world and have never seen a store by the name of “Jew Devils”, ‘spic bastards’ , ‘muff divin’’’ dykes’ or anything like that- Only the store niggers!

I am to blame for this. Every time I said the word I condoned it, by not correcting others or rationalizing it gave it respectability, by looking the other way when others said ‘hey nigga what’s up’ allowed others to see it and ultimately that when I purchase CDs, DVDs, T-shirts and other stuff, I enriched it. I now see the error in my ways and I am so so sorry black men and women. The flame that we called entertainment, that was only to warm and entertain us, now engulfs us and scorches our own self esteem. If a child only knows to refer to men and women as niggers, bitches, pimps and hoes, then what is he/she to grow up thinking of themselves and others as he/she gets older?

This is no joke you can see my site and read some more stories. The bottom line is this I rode over 12000 miles on 2 continents through 15 states and 13 countries and broke 2 bikes in the process to get to a store in AFRICA called niggers. I am willing to step and admit my part in the havoc that we have wrought on our mindset but I think that We all are to blame.

I finish with 4 things:

if you don’t like being called a nigger, bitch, faggot, dyke, spic, Jew dog, wop, towel head or anything of that ilk- then THINK. THINK before you speak those words, write those lyrics, support that rhetoric and most of all THINK before you purchase! Purchasing is akin to compliance- I may like the beats and rhythms of some songs but I can not support it any more. You rappers are intelligent- find another word to describe your selves

read the quote below.

If they call you a nigger is one thing but if you answer to it then there is really something wrong!

please forward this to the black folks that you know and let us please, please stop the madness