Mind Spill BlogLike Oprah, I always like to tell friend & anyone willing to listen about my favorite things, which change like the weather in Michigan (very often & unexpectedly). Unlike Oprah, I will not be giving away shit, so please refrain from looking under your seat for prizes & consider this a PSA for items that you also may enjoy and or should check out.

As you will see, many of my favorites point to my techno & metro sexuality, so just consider me well rounded in my interests. On another note I guess you could consider my body to be well rounded as well (not too round though).

Technology Addictions:

  • Blogging & spreading knowledge be it BS, history or drama in the news, blah, blah, blah
  • My online friends Blogs & Forums
  • My new lovely Motorola A732 cell which is not yet available in the US; Straight from Hong Kong via eBay.
  • Designing in Photoshop
  • My Web Host; Site 5
  • Downloading music – legally of course 😉
  • Entering dream state now >->->-> I am addicted to the MacBook Pro like a mutha >->->->Awakening from dream state now

Personal Product Additions:

Entertainment Addictions:

Food/Drink Additions:

  • Sushi & Oslo’s Downtown Detroit
    • Spicy Tuna – *Raw tuna with some delicious spicy concoction
    • Philadelphia Roll – Salmon & Cream Cheese
    • Avocado Roll – Avacado w/Wasabi
    • Dragon Roll – Eel and cucumber wrapped with avocado
    • Jalapeño Roll – Jalapeño w/Cream Cheese
  • Ocean Spray Cranberry juice mixed with Pom 100% Pomegranate Juice
  • Malibu, Hypnotiq & Pineapple juice aKa The Hpnotiq Blue Breeze
  • Patrón Margarita with a salted rim
  • Popeye’s Chicken
  • Cheesy Grits on Saturday Morning

Basic Life addictions:

  • Chilling w/Suite Suzy, when we can get a babysitter
  • Talking shit with any & everybody
  • Watching my kids grow
  • Entertaining friends