Mind Spill BlogBobby Brown was arrested again, this time for 14 year outstanding warrants. The old warrant was for a misdemeanor charges of unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, and having an uninsured motor-vehicle trailer

I am so sick of hear about his crack ass, will someone please just lock him & his crack bitch away. With all the constant news coverage & attention, it’s like they are AmeriKKKa’s favorite crack heads (the ones we love to hate).

On another note, I truly think the peeples need to come & get their kid Bobbi Christina, especially after seeing a few episodes of his reality TV show.

Bobby released his fourth solo albumin, Forever, in 1997 a commercial disappointment which failed to even break the Top 50. In the summer of 1998, Bobby was arrested for sexual battery stemming from an alleged incident in the Beverly Hills Hotel, although no charges were filed for lack of evidence. He served five days in a Florida jail stemming from his drunk-driving incident, and after spending time in rehab, he was arrested again for allegedly having shown up at the jail drunk. Bobby reportedly violated his probation by testing positive for cocaine several times; while those charges were dropped, he was sentenced to 75 days in jail for refusing to take another drug test in the summer of 2000. Upon his release, Bobby began working in earnest on a new album, which was derailed for a time when he suffered a seizure in the summer of 2001, reportedly from heat exhaustion and dehydration. It wasn’t until 2002 that he really came back into the media spotlight; following a duet with Ja Rule he was captured by the police for marijuana possession and driving without a license after a routine stop for speeding.

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