Mind Spill BlogLast night I had the chance to see The Rebirth perform live @ 5th Ave in Royal Oak, MI (suburb of Detroit) & it was the BOMB. I highly recommend seeing them if they are coming to your area. The performed all of my favorite cuts, plus some that were not on the album which was a great bonus. Their performance was very energetic, and interactive as they invited the audience to dance & lead singer Noelle even got on the dance floor & cut the rug with me.

Loslito broke down the meaning of one of the tracks that I like few tracks specifically “Mark Of His Ways (Original)”. This song is about the life of Tookie Williams before & after his infamous imprisonment. I did not support Tookie but this song is very nice. Loslito also mention before performing “This Journey In” that he was getting email messages from J Dilla before his untimely death with praise & kudos after seeing one of their shows. He mention that J Dilla was encouraging many of his contacts to see the band & to support them. The crowd really appreciated this information & the audience responded with some serious shout outs. I though that was an awesome lead in for the song.

After the set was over, I got a chance to kick it with Noelle, Loslito & Chris (from Detroit) about their music etc & found them to be very humble, down to earth & just plain real people. They informed me that they were going to South Africa to perform for a week or so then off to the UK for several weeks after a short stint in the US. I truly hope they get the recognition they deserve to continue to do the thing they do!

Pictures available of the show here courtesy of Cousin Dee…
Revised original post::

Recently while attending an Incognito concert in Detroit, I was put up on a new jazz group named The Rebirth. When I heard the name, I was like ok, they better be good with a name like that. So I asked about their style & sounds & I was told that they would put me in the mind of the old Brand New Heaves (that’s a good thing in my book). So when I got home from the Incognito concert, I found their CD titled “This Journey Inside” on RealPlayer, listened to the first few snippets & it was on. Before you know it I was out of another 9.99. Was it worth it??? The answer is mos def yes, but with the comparison to the Brand New Heavies, I can see it but not much, I think they are on another level above with a more progressive sound!

The first cut on the CD “This Journey In (Original)” is off the chain & I listened to it like 4 times before going to bed, the beat with the in & out vocals are killer. The lead vocalist Noelle Scaggs, will have you hooked throughout the CD, with her strong, smooth, & melodic style. The 7 piece band hails from LA & very obviously blends all of their talent together for this piece of work that seems kina old & kinda new in reference to the genre. I would say that their style/sound is Acid Jazz with Ambient elements & R&B influence; actually, that is a good description & you heard it here first!

The cuts I am digging are:

OK so you noticed as did I that most of these songs are “(original)”, could this mean that there are some alternate versions/remixes? Sounds good to me & I guess we will see. You can also find a cut by Rebirth on Ubiquity‘s “Rewind! Vol. 4“, where that did an awesome on bring new life to the Mighty Ryeders‘ 1977 old school jam “Evil Vibrations

Here is an excerpt from their web site:
Los Angeles-based septet, The Rebirth, offers its long anticipated release, This Journey In, to fans on Kajmere Sound/KSD Music in spring 2005. In this compelling new 11-track album recorded in the band’s hometown, The Rebirth matches its musical vitality with a gift for lucid poetry and songwriting, creating a rich sound built on an organic blend of new and traditional soul, hip-hop, jazz, and funk. These elements make the group’s music both highly progressive and a throwback to the classic soul bands: Earth, Wind & Fire, Ramp, Pleasure, Rotary Connection, Side Effect and Roy Ayers.

At times mystical, always generous, The Rebirth’s strength is not only present in the chemistry provided by the instruments, but also in the group’s dynamic harmonic vocal layering. In this age of sampling and computers, the crafting of the great song and the great record is simply not as common. The Rebirth pays special attention to everything that makes a song find its own greatness. Melody, rhythm, lyrics, instrumentation, arrangement, performance and production are equally emphasized.

Meet the Band::

  • Carlos “Loslito” Gauico (from “Breakestra, founder of the band) on Rhodes & Organ
  • Chris “ C-Quest” Taylor on Drums
  • Raul “Lil Big Fat” Gonzales (from Breakestra) on Percussion
  • Patrick Bailey (from Breakestra) on Guitar
  • Noelle Scaggs on Vocals
  • “Electric” Gregory Mallone on Bass
  • Mark Cross on Keyboards

Check out their site here
My Space Page here
Press kit which includes a new song Sum Same Live here