Mind Spill Blog I got this R. Kelly gossip in an email today & did some snooping around onteh net to see if I could find more & I was sucessful somewhat by way of Google news. I saw the video & it was very raw; he should have been put away years ago. I do not understand why the Black community supports him by buying his music. I will give it to him, he can sing blah, blah, blah, but everytime I see him, I imagine him singing Bump N’ Grind to a 14 year girl.

R. Kelly has been charged in both Miami and Chicago of a total of 33 counts of possessing child pornography. 19 have since been dropped, and he maintains his innocence ahead of a court appearance for the remaining 14 charges.
February 13, 2006. R Kelly’ s brother, Caery, has created a tell-all DVD with some explosive allegations. Media Take Out has obtained an exclusive copy of the DVD.

On the DVD Kerry says that R Kelly is the man having sex with underage girls on the infamous R Kelly Sex Tape. He claims that R Kelly was so proud of the tape that he constantly showed it to his friends, once he even scheduled an impromptu screening on his tour bus. According to Kerry, when the tape was leaked to the public and a criminal investigation ensued, R Kelly offered Kerry $50,000 in cash and a record deal to lie to police and say that he was the man on the tape.

Carey claims that R Kelly’ s relationship with his wife is troubling. According to Carey, R Kelly is both emotionally and physically abusive towards his wife. He claims that R Kelly thinks nothing of beating his wife. Cary also said that R Kelly and his wife have an off the wall sex life, that includes frequent ménage-a-trois.

Cary also claims that R Kelly has had a number of inappropriate relationships with underage women. He confirmed that R Kelly engaged in a sexual relationship with deceased singer/actress Aaliyah. And that R Kelly molested is own niece.

Finally, Carey drops an atomic bomb in the DVD. He claims that R Kelly is bisexual. According to Kerry, R Kelly has engaged in numerous gay relationships and his latest hit song Trapped in the Closet is loosely based on R Kelly’s life.

Media Take Out has also learned that Chicago police are looking to speak with Kerry about the allegations he made on the DVD.