Mind Spill BlogLast night Suite Suzy & I went to see Incognito perform at the Majestic Theater in Detroit, which is not the best location but who craes, it’s incognito right? This was a major event because a) I am a huge Incognito fan, b) they rarely come to the US, & c) the tix were only 20 bucks! The evening started off great with a meet & greet at Detroit’s Agave restaurant with members from Incognito & Maysa Leak’s message board and ended up being a disappointing experience in regards to events surrounding Incognito’s performance.

Before dinner stated, Suzy had a class of red wine spilled on her new white blouse by the waitress which was a disaster. Luckily, the stain pretty much came out & the manager offered to dry clean fro her in addition to providing her meal on the house. That was a big bonus because that meant I could order another drink (Patrón Margarita, salted rim). Well after kicking it with my new & old friend Suzy & I decided to make our way to the Majestic theater because our tickets were at Will Call & we wanted to get a good spot as it was standing room only (very limited seats were available).

Just before we got to the Theater we saw the line was wrapped around the building, so the situation was pretty fucked up. It was somewhat windy & 22º f & we were nowhere the door. Needless to say we were basically frost bitten when we got in the building 45 minutes later. When we got our tix, we claimed our spot as the crown continued to swell way past capacity, but I was still excited even as I watched the stage crew continue to set up the stage. I do need to mention that I am still confused why they we saying the concert started at 730pm & they were still setting up past 8pm, how ghetto is that.

So anyway the opening act was a Chicago group named Liquid Soul, who sucked like ass to the 10th power. They fucking performed like 8 songs, I was praying to God to get them off the stage & soon. The crowd was not feeling them, but they kept on going, tormenting my with the musical bullshit oozing from the huge speakers.

OK so now the warm up band is finally off the stage, I am still cold from being out side not to mention the fact that there was no heat in the building but yet still very excited to see Incognito perform. As the clock ticked & I grew more & more tired of the standing not to mention the pushy crowd, & as I was just about to say fuck it lets go home, Incognito walks out at 10pm, 2.5 hours later!

I jammed for the first hour, but by 11pm we was ready to go, I had been standing for to fucking long, was tired of being cold as hell & had a headache from my weed contact buzz. I feel like I cheated myself by leaving before the show was over, but I had to get the hell out of their. We did not plan on being out that late but the night kept dragging on & we had to relieve the babysitter. I mean the show was supposed to start at 730 so I was expecting to be home by 1130 at the latest (includes drive time).

What could have made the evening better:

  • Relaxing at Agave longer
  • Asking the babysitter if we could stay out longer
  • Rolaids available in Suite Suzy’s purse (I ate too many jalapeños)
  • A fur coat & hat (Eskimo style)

Hopefully Incognito will come back to the states soon & play at a better venue so I can redeem my lost evening.