Mind Spill BlogI found out about this artist last week while surfing for new music on BBE and noticed that he had a song featuring Jill Scott. When I saw her name I knew he had to be good, because Jill is the shit, and can’t be featured on just any body’s album. After reading his bio & listening to some snippets, it was clear this would be a good buy. “The Revelation Is Now Televised” dropped Jan 2006 was produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff & Pete Kuzma (Jill Scott’s band leader).This has a wonderful range of tempo from Ballads to up beat jams that are refreshing and not sexually overt and raunchy like most R&B albums out now. Right now, I am stuck on:

  • Born Again Feat Jill Scott (this is the bomb & Jill definitely adds her fire)
  • Anotha Phase
  • Who Would I Be
  • Confess

I had a hard time finding a website for V but there was quite a bit of information about him on the BBE website.

Excerpt from Bio:
Born Valvin Roane II, “V” was nicknamed at an early age by his father, which stuck with him till this day. He was raised in South Jersey, and sang regularly in church, which is where he hooked up with James Poyser leading him to be introduced to DJ Jazzy Jeff and the whole Touch of Jazz extended family.

The Revelation V’s debut “The Revelation Is Now Televised” (T.R.I.N.T.) has the makings of a future classic from the inspiring “Would You Be Mine”, & “Confess” that deal with courtships to the spine tingling “Born Again,” featuring his close associate Jill Scott. Not a stranger to dance music through his past work with Masters At Work, V step’s it up a notch and takes it to the dance floor on “Anotha Phase” touching on meaningless encounters. V’s diversity as a writer shines through on the album with a healthy balance of songs that not only deal with relationships & heartbreak. On “Who would I Be” and “Picture This” we find V painting a picture of a better world aided by the opportunity to make a difference. T.R.I.N.T. is a testament to the soul that modern R&B has lost.

If you’re looking for something easy to listen to, consistent, talent based & genuine then “The Revelation Is Now Televised” is a must have.