Mind Spill BlogMy friends now that I love Detroit with all of my heart & spend just about 20% of my time there out & about for business, entertainment, partying & culture etc. I make it a point to expose my children to the city because I want them to have a since of Black culture outside of our suburban hell. I would love for Detroit to be a “world class city, but some major infrastructure changes need to occur first. The new development that spurred for the Super Bowl was a good catalyst but now what? Several shops and other establishments have already closed shop, will there be permanent replacements on the way?

Last month General Motors chose a Chicago-based team of developers to create new housing and retail projects on 13 acres of GM-owned land just east of the Renaissance Center. And just yesterday 02/14/06, Jerome Bettis and Dave Bing were chosen Tuesday to build multimillion-dollar residential and retail projects where cement silos stood for decades. All in all this is very exciting but what about the hood???

Now that the Super Bowl is over, there is all this talk about Detroit coming back blah, blah, blah. But again I ask, what about the hood? Most of the development is occurring downtown, which is good, don’t get me wrong, but the neighborhoods further from downtown need some serious attention, like yesterday. One a financial note, most Detroiters will not be able to afford many of the housing are they being priced out?

I do understand that cities need to have middle to higher incomes to be self sustainable, no doubt. I guess, I would like to see more happening in the place where the “PEOPLE” live after all, when things go south, they will still be there.

Detroit Facts:

  • Median household income (per year) $32,272
  • Median home price $126,389
  • Property crime risk 316 (100 is national average; lower is better)
  • Personal crime risk 432 (100 is national average; lower is better)

Ghetto Facts:

  • Mayor reminds me of a pimp
  • High Income & Property Taxes
  • Cost prohibitive insurance rates
  • Horrible School System
  • Low home ownership
  • Free roaming Crack Heads

I grew up Detroit so I feel comfortable dogging it out, so please don’t trip. I welcome opposing view points.

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