Mind Spill Blog Saturday 02/04/06, I took my kids to the Motown Winter Blast so we could partake in the festivities of Super Bowl XL as DETROIT was the host city this year. First & foremost I want to tell you that I am not into being cold or wet, so I had to make a serious exception to this yesterday because it was pretty cold & raining when we made it downtown.

Because parking was horrible, we parked 7 city blocks away & hoofed it to the Winter Blast which was pretty intense considering the weather conditions. As we got closer, the crowds & traffic got thicker so we were starting to get excited. While waiting to cross our final intersection I happened to glance over & noticed a Pro Life mobile billboard which has a 2 huge pictures of some aborted fetuses, which totally took me by surprise, I first was nauseated by the site, then I got somewhat angry because I did not want my kids to see that crap. I was just way too much to try to explain, but when they saw it that were grossed out & did not ask so we moved on.

Once we actually entered the heart of the Winter Blast, I was so surprised so see so many damn people on the streets of Detroit. I mean they were everywhere & it was great, even though I was soaking wet. The kids & I wandered the Winter Blast for close to 4 hours with little breaks to warm up & for some snacks. Surprisingly there were several food choices & fortunately everything was on a cash basis, usually in Detroit, you have to purchase food tickets, which can be pricey & you always leave with 3 tickets that you could not use because just a bottle of water was 5 tickets.

Sprinkled thought the Blast were Jesus Freaks (offensive Christian based inappropriate sign carrying picketers) carrying sings with some stupid message & quotes from the Bible. My thing was I am hear to have fun with my kids, not hear that everyone how was not save was going to go to Hell forever blah, blah, blah. I actually approached one while at a stop & told him that I like sin & he told me that I needed to pray, how wack!

After all of the people watching, snacking, rain, snow, & picking up freebies, we made our way back to the car, so after walking for hours on end in a huge circle, the girls & I were tired not to mention bitching all the to the car. Cabs were nowhere in site & I most defiantly would have caught one back to the car. All in all the Winter Blast was great & it was so exciting seeing visitors enjoy Detroit as well.

Now that the Super Bowl XL is over I just hope that Detroit can continue to move forward as it tries to become a world class city, I don’t think it has that far to go. As several friends & I have said recently, it is such a shame that it took this major event to come to town before much needed changes occurred. Although there are several new shops & restaurants downtown, I am sure that by the end of this summer, one could spend the whole day downtime shopping eating & partying (some of my favorite activities).

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