Mind Spill BlogA few weeks ago, Melinda Abell of Kansas City was in the news because she allegedly swallowed her boyfriend’s cell phone after some drama. The two were supposedly arguing about something & she did not want him to have it. Because her throat was not that deep, the phone got stuck & she had to have surgery to remove it.

Last week the truth came out about the whole incident & Melinda did not attempt to swallow the phone, but her boyfriend Marlon Brandon shoved it in. The police arrested the sick bastard last week.

Melinda told detectives that Marlon, forced her from her and made her go with him in his car, court documents show. While out & about, Marlon began screaming at her and demanded her cell phone, then he grabbed her by the mouth and shoved the phone in until it became stuck in her throat.

After Melinda’s surgery, she checked he phone only to notice, she had 7 missed calls & 2 messages.