Mind Spill BlogLast night I was watching Jay Leno before I hit the sack & one of the guests was Carrot Top, who I find absolutely annoying. I decided to watch his performance anyway (don’t ask why), anyway while watching I noticed that his eyebrows were severely arched & he also had on some serious eye makeup. After I conformed this by starring intensely at the TV I was like YUK!!!, he already looks exotic (in other words weird). I think he took the whole metrosexual thing to another level, maybe crossing the line.

Last year I had a poll on, asking visitors about how they felt about men with arched eyebrows. The choices were metrosexual, homosexual or just damn confused. Hands down homosexual was the winner. So what does this mean for Carrot Top? Is he sending a sexy secret message?

I know Tyson Beckford, Ryan Seacrest, & others arch, but after seeing Carrot Top’s way over done look I had to say something. I think the only acceptable time for a guy to maintain his eyebrows is when his shit is way too bushy & they need to be trimmed or thinned out or of there is some serious unibrow action going on.

As for me, my eyebrows are perfect, God blessed me. Funny enough, I remember in school, there was a girl who swore I got my eyebrows arched (she had issues).