Mind Spill BlogIt has been a year since the “Big” tsunami & the news coverage has basically not changed in terms or what is being reported in regards to the Asian impact. The coverage has been then & now all about Asia with very little to no mention about what happened in Africa & how things are now. Most do not know that Africa was severely impacted as well with devastation affecting Kenya, Somalia, Reunion Island, the Seychelles, Tanzania, Madagascar, & the Horn of Africa.

Last year we saw very little video coverage, heard very little about relief efforts & as a matter of fact it was like 3 days before I knew that Africa was hit also, what is that saying, what are the implications.?. The approximate human toll in Africa was 314 dead, 6000 + displaced, & many more unaccounted for. Obviously the human toll in Africa was not as great as in Asia, but if you are going to bombard the public at large with this news, give a full report.

Over the past year, many America Black organizations felt supported & funded aid to Africa i.e. Tom Joyner, sororities/fraternities, & churches. But yesterday 12/26/07 a big shot in the arm came from the EU (European Union) who approved 165.7 million euros which is close to $196.4 mill US for relief efforts in 10 African countries with humanitarian crises. This aid will be for Tsunami victims & other regions for programs that will help to end hunger & deal with other natural disasters such as flooding, drought, & insect infestation.

48 million euros ($56.9 mill US) of the funds for crises in Sudan and 38 million euros ($45 mill US) for crises in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The other beneficiary countries are Burundi, Chad, Comoros, Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia, Madagascar, Tanzania and Uganda.

Notable pledges for African Relief:

  • African Union: $100,000
  • Algeria: $2m
  • Libya: $2m
  • Nigeria: $1m
  • Mozambique: $100,000
  • South Africa Red Cross: $400,000

I think I lost my point in this point, so if you are lost to it’s ok, you are not alone. My bottom line is I am sick of hearing about what happened in Asia & how things are now there blah, blah, blah, what about the other victims are they not worthy to have their story told.?.