Mind Spill Blog I just read on a message board that Mary J. Blige is slotted to star as The High Priestess of Soul & Vocal Goddess Nina Simone in a MTV feature film. When I first heard this, I was outraged & shit, 20 minutes later I am still feeling the same way. I am a huge Nina Simone fan to the 10th power & to see that her life story & image may be fucked up by Mary J. is no comfort. I have never been a Mary J. fan in any fashion for very obvious reasons, a) she cannot sing, b) unoriginal music (always sampling) c) GHETTO persona i.e. hair, dress mannerism & lifestyle.

Mary J. has not starred in any movies so why would MTV Films/Paramount Picture choose her over anybody else available, looking at her music videos is enough to see that she should not even be featured in anything let alone a 2 hr movie. OK so now you know that I don’t like Mary J., so am I wrong, are you a Mary J. fan, do you think she can pull it off? If you said yes to either of the questions, you know you are wrong yourself. A few things I can say positive about Mary J. are that her web site is slamming and she is fairly attractive with the exceptionof the tacky tattooss!!!

In 2001 I had the honor of attending Nina’s last US concert at the Detroit Fox Theater & because Suite Suzy was on the ball we sat in the 2nd row close enough to feel the power & seduction of her soul. It was a pretty short concert but it was all good; Nina put on a hell of a show & was really relating to the crowd interacting with a call & response theme throughout the concert. You could tell that she was excited to be surrounded by so many beautifull black faces & I am sure that is because where she lived in France, black faces are not as plentiful as they are in Detroit. Sadly Nina died in Carry-le-Rouet, France of undisclosed reasons. During the concert it was apparent that she was ill but she had a hard strong life so I was not sure what to think of it.

Nina’s Biography as written on her web page