Tonight I volunteered at my absolute favorite radio station in the world tonight WDET FM (101.9, Detroit Public Radio) helping to package premiums for donors for the fall pledge drive. While there I meet some great people & had an overall good time, it was like working hard for a good cause with new friends. Thanks to Suzy Bjorklund (Volunteer Coordinator), for introducing me to my girl & award wining journalist Joan Silvi who is absolutely phenomenal!!! I was not only able to meet Joan, but we had a great conversation & that just took me away. Another WDET favorite Ed Love was on the air & I got a glimpse of him broadcasting, which was too cool. I am a WDET groupie bottom line!!!

WDET has broadened my horizons big time in terms of the world, music appreciation & respect for varying opinion on a wide range of topics. WDET is like a school to me; I hear & learn about local, national, world & news, all sorts of music, and anything in between. Many stories on my blog originate from stories that I hear on NPR via WDET or local based stories. The music alone has increased my frivolous spending in a big way but it is all good, because the range of music is what makes me happy. Within any given day, you can hear Techno from Africa to American Blue Grass & Folk all the way to Hip-Hop (I refuse to mention how much I spent last year alone).

After all was said & done I had dinner @ Union Street & made it home to catch the end of The Apprentice. It was a good day!

Here is some background on WDET (copied from

About Us
WDET-FM 101.9 is an audio program and audio service provider dedicated to disseminating knowledge to educate, entertain and culturally enlighten.

WDET will reflect the goals, ideals and diversity of Wayne State University and that of the community which we serve.

WDET will exhibit integrity and responsibility in its management while striving to maintain a competitive advantage in its programming, its finances and in technology.

WDET’s continuous pursuit of quality will include creating an environment for its customers and stakeholders that is stimulating, creative, supportive of risk-taking and professional development — and fun!

Program Format
WDET is the National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate for metro Detroit. WDET provides news on the hour and pays particular attention to the “root” music types reflecting America’s diverse cultural influences — blues, jazz and folk. WDET’s format targets adult listeners who came of age in the rock’n’roll and jazz eras (“Baby Boomers”) who have an affinity for programming built
on a foundation of arts, culture and news/public affairs.

Station History
WDET 101.9 FM began broadcasting to the metropolitan Detroit community in 1949 as a station owned by the United Auto Workers (UAW) union. The UAW (UAW-CIO as it was then known) operated the radio station for four years, airing public service programming to its union membership and to the general public. The UAW was not an educational institution and was therefore ineligible for an “educational reserved” radio frequency. WDET was given to Wayne State University in 1952 by the UAW to continue the station’s tradition of public service programming. Over the decades, WDET has been recognized with countless awards for its music programming and news reporting.

WDET’s highly desirable dial position (101.9) is the legacy of its union beginnings and makes for the unusual situation of a commercial radio frequency being used for a public station.

WDET-FM is licensed to Wayne State University by the Federal Communications Commission. Application renewal is made every eight years. The station is subject to the rules and egulations set forth by the FCC but is wholly owned by Wayne State. WDET’s offices are located at 4600 Cass Avenue in Detroit, Michigan.