After several months of procrastination, I finally submitted my application to the State of Michigan to make legitimate, by becoming an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation). My business is officially named the Design Port LLC 09/29/05 and has a specifically focus on making web design crisp, fresh, out of the box, & comprehensive. I have been pounding the pavement seeking out new customers as much as possible, at this point I have meet with 2 potential customers but waiting for something to pan out.

I am very passionate about this venture & although I not looking to replace my actually living as a Human Resource professional, I will be putting forth 110% to making it happen. I hope to join the Ypsilanti Chamber of Commerce to put myself further put there, but I still need to weigh the benefits vs. cost. As I continue to build my skills I will remain on the grind big time, other future plans include an official certificate in web design & or graphic design. I started looking at the College for Creative Studies & Washtenaw Community College, so again & I need to weigh the benefit & cost.

Stay tuned for updates, they are sure to be coming soon!!!