My friend/Co-worker & Web Diva Ellen M of the Design emailed with this the other day & I was tripped out by the title “Massive “Big Baby” Galaxy Found in Distant Quadrant of Space”. I do not really care about the new galaxy, but I was excited to hear that they were calling it a “Big Baby Galaxy”, talk about funny, I wonder how I can get them to call it a “Bygbaby Galaxy”, I mean it close right?!? The story broke in late Sept 05.

Here are some snippets from the story from the National Geographic story:

New images reveal a “big baby” galaxy that may lie as far from the Earth as any galaxy yet discovered. Astronomers say the new galaxy is surprisingly massive and mature for its early age—raising questions about how galaxies are formed.

The Birth of Galaxies

The universe’s other young galaxies are generally much smaller. Scientists believe that many of these smaller galaxies gradually combined over time to build larger galaxies like the Milky Way.

But the new galaxy not only contains hundreds of billions of stars, it seems to have finished its star formation at a tender age.

Link to National Geographic Story
Link to CNN Story