I bought a new LG 19″ monitor last week fro, Best But & started to experience problems with the color profile in Photoshop so I was trying to fix it but nothing would work so I uninstalled the monitor driver & rebooted the PC & it died the instant I tried to reboot. Why I don’t know!

I did a system recovery to get it to work again so I lost all of my files since my last back up which was just the week before. Things went good for a day but then I had to do another recovery then winded up doing a full format. I was going crazy when the format went wrong, windows was not installing some necessary font, which may some program not function properly.

I decided to do one more reformat with XP Professional, now I am up & running beautifully. In the process of all of this drama, I decided to get a more souped up video card & upped my RAM to 1gig. I am back in love with my desktop and happy that I have a laptop on stand by.

Lessons learned:

  • Back up as often as possible
  • Installing a monitor is not as easy as it seems (at least to me)
  • Something good can com from tragedy.

BTW if interested I have my old RAM & monitor up for sale on eBay.