In a recent XXL interview, Suge Knight has come out against Eminem over some mix tales that were released 2 years ago by The Source, were Eminem blurted that black women “bitches” and “gold diggers”. I remember when this came out & I was pissed. Although Eminem moves in a Black circle, this was too much for me. Eminem later apologized for this & said this is not how he really feels & that he was just being really stupid. Apparently Suge is just finding out about this (stay out of jail Suge), here is an excerpt:

Suge: Don’t get me wrong, I support anyone who come together as a unit and make good music. But hip-hop supposed to be about ghetto politics, about the culture of the inner city. And you got a lot of these artists dissing on record—whether it’s ’Pac and Biggie, Jay-Z and Nas, 50 and Game. A lot of ’em talking about keeping it real, how they off the block and all that bullshit. They’ll talk about every artist in the business and they mama. Except Eminem.

XXL: What’s your problem with Eminem?

Suge: This is a guy who as an artist comes out and says all Black women is nigga bitches and gold diggers. Now, I never had a problem with him before. When Eminem came out, I liked him. I thought he could rap, and I thought he was funny. He’s the “Weird Al” Yankovic of the day. But when you start saying Black women is nigga bitches and gold diggers, then I got a problem ’cause I got a mother, I got daughters.

XXL: Understood. And not to excuse Eminem, but haven’t you put out your share of records, Doggystyle, etc., that don’t exactly exalt Black women?

Suge: First of all, we paid the price for that with women’s groups and shit. And it’s different. People can call themselves niggas and bitches, but you cross a line when you start stereotyping a race. Eminem be making his money off Black people and Black culture, then turning ’round and degrading Black women. He’s a racist.

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BTW, Suge is one Nigga not to phuck wit’ & what about Paul Wall