Mind Spill BlogNow that one of my favorite “Nip/Tuck” show is back with a new season (3), my Tuesday evenings will not be packed with racy/raunchy story lines & plots, but most of all great music. One of the best thing about “Nip/Tuck” is the music & last weeks episode “Momma Boone” was no exception. During a, what some would call a hot Menage Trois between Kimber, Christian, & Kit McGraw (played by Rhona Mitra of The Practice/Boston Legal), the song Inside & Out was played (how appropriate). I later found out that this was a cover of the Bee Gee’s “Love You Inside Out” performed by the Pop Rocker Leslie Feist however, her version is titled “Inside & Out”.

Feist’s album titled “Let it Die” was released Apr 06 (wish I knew about it then) is very good especially for not being a big rock/pop rock fan. Since I got the album a few days ago & have been stuck on:

Let it Die” has great flow, vibing energy, & mellow beats, so basically a worthy purchase & addition to my collection. Doing some bootleg, research I found that Feist (Canadian Born & Rasied) performed so much over a 5 year period in the 90’s, that she lost her voice & was told that she would never sing again. She then picked up the guitar & used it as her voice while training with a voice specialist for years. By 1999 she was able to release her 1st solo album “Monarch

“Nip/Tuck” is mos def a place to get hip to some alternative music choices.