Last weekend (09/17/05) I was so excited about going to the Urban Organic Music festival to see my girl Leela James. I have been jamming to here CD “A Change is Gonna Come” for the past few months so a live performance in a small venue (Detroit Club Escape). The evening started off good, because Cousin Dee was able to get 15$ tickets upon arrival so that was a savings there & fuck Ticket Master. I had never been to Escape & was impressed by the décor, very calm eclectic atmosphere.

Things started to go wrong when I found out that they did not have Bombay Sapphire stocked at the bar & to make it worse, they did not even have the ingredients to make a B52. Shit I have all that @ home & this club did not even have any of it. Anyway Cousin Dee & I were able to snag some good seats to set up for her big photo shoot. As the night went on the crown really started to thicken, a diverse mixture from the Dreadlocked bag lady to the phony posers (fake Bourgies). There were 2 acts before Leela Gordon Cyrus Baty (his band was great but the vocals???) and Gordon Chambers who just flat out sucked like I don’t know what. Although Gordon may be a Grammy winner, he needs to stay behind the scenes because his ass cannot sing. I think he lost most of the crowds when he started to shouting out parts of town that did not exist in Detroit i.e. North & South Woodward (what the!!!).

By the time Leela came on, I was so turned off & disgusted with the opening acts I could not enjoy her performance at all. As a matter of fact I was only a foot or 2 from the stage I know I was frowned up during the entire show with my arms folded most of the time. She noticed my bad body language but oh well, shit, I was not enjoying myself & too far gone to come back. I really tried to enjoy myself but it just did not happen. One thing for certain is that Leela can through down & give one hell of a performance, so next time she is in town I will have to see her again with a better attitude. After her set was over she signed autographs & I forgot to bring my CD cover so that added fuel to an existing combustible attitude, when I approached her, you could definitely tell she picked up on my vibe during her show, she quickly signed a posted I snatched off the wall & dismissed me, my bad!

This was the first time I knew I had a big attitude & let it go on for the entire evening, I was in rare form but I just could not turn it off. I think if the 1st 2 acts were better & I had at least 2 drinks, things could have been much better (of course). The next day I had to apologize to Cousin Dee for bringing her night down & put an IOU out there for a fun attitude free outing. One good thing that came out of this evening is the fact that Cousin Dee may have made some business connects for her business VMPhotography, well 2 things; I got home without falling asleep (maybe because I was still kinda turned off).

The night before, I attended the Dwele CD release party at Detroit Club Icon, which a whole different story, I was having such a good time I did not want to leave. The music was great, the crown was cool, there was free food & they were serving free Martel XO all night (why did they do that). I got tore up from the floor up & I was not the only one. I even scored some Veuve Clicquot (thanks Dee). Dwele did perform but Suite Suzy & I because we “turned into pumpkins @ midnight”, her mom was babysitting & we had a curfew. Friday was a much better night!