I found this very poingnat story today on BAW (Black America Web) dealing with what we (Blacks, Afro Americans, Negro, Whatever) already know to be true. Why are we the only ones that see it?!?!

Every so often, something in America happens that reminds the general population that white and black Americans are reading different pages in very different books. In the 1990s, the L.A. riots and the O.J. Simpson “not guilty” verdict proved that this country’s race problem didn’t go away post-integration, but was merely swept under the rug. In this decade, the Hurricane Katrina disaster or, more appropriately, it’s handling, is our wake up call.

A recent USA TODAY/CNN Gallop Poll reveals the races are sharply divided on the subject of the victims themselves, President Bush’s handling of the situation and the reasons the government was so slow to respond. According to the poll, six in 10 blacks say that the government responded slowly because the majority of the victims were poor and black, while nearly nine in 10 whites say race and class were not a factor. Even more mind-boggling is the reality that 71 percent of blacks said the disaster response strengthened their belief that racial bias is still a problem in the U.S. Only 32 percent of whites agreed. Link to full Story