I just heard that one of my favorite brunch spots Sweet Georgia Brown has closed as of today. When I 1st heard I was so hoping it was because of health reason, so I was relieved but saddened to hear that it was because they were not paying their taxes. The restaurant was recently in negotiations for sale by Frank Taylor former & former Detroit Lion Robert Porcher after things started to fall apart with the business. The overweight lover La-Van Hawkins was the owner & had his own very serious legal issues convicted of fraud and perjury charges this year.

Suite Suzy & I knew that it would be a matter of time before SGB closed a) very poor, b) last time we went, there were no waffles. While our reasons are superficial, we were right & have to figure out a new Detroit brunch spot. I feel for all of there employees, right now Michigan has the one of nation’s highest unemployment rate. Good thing Seldom Blues is right around the corner.

I will miss the cheap Champagne (MIMOSA!!!), waffles, cheesy grits & awesome omelets but not miss the annoying/wannabe saxophonist. SGB opened it doors 1st in 2002.