One word: PHENOMENAL, “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” was the ultimate in movie in regards to the shroud of secrecy within the Catholic Church. Based on a true story of Anneliese Michel of Germany who died in 1976 after being “possessed” for 9 years Her parents and priests were put on trial for negligent manslaughter (full story) following her controversial death. This true case was the last time the Catholic Church officially recognized a case of demonic possession and sanctioned an Exorcism rite.

This depiction takes place in America & of course has elements that deviate from the real story for Hollywood sex appeal reasons, which worked for me. The movie got off to a running start with the official announcement of death by the medial examiner which lights the fuse for the movie. Emily’s story was told in parallel in retroactive dream states with Jennifer Carpenter playing the role of Emily Rose. One side of the dream state explored a religious belief in demonic possession & the other a whipped up diagnosis of Epilepsy with Psychosis exacerbating the situation.

This movie for me added more realism in the concept of being possessed by unknown forces. This genre of movie always involved the Catholic Church, so I find much comfort in not being catholic. Why is there so much secrecy & paranormal shit fueling these stories, something has to be true somewhere down the line.

“The Exorcism of Emily Rose” was a much better movie than any of the Exorcist movies, more suspense, more substance, better story focus, less gore. Some of the acting was the the best but I definitely got my monies worth (actually I had a free movie pass). The one character that I really liked in the movie was Dr. Adani, played by Shohreh Aghdashloo, whose purpose in the story was to support the defense’s claim of possession. This is/was based primitive and undeveloped cultures believe in evil and the demonic possession. Her character was sexy & mysterious & I loved her body language. She made me believe.

Before the credits rolled, there was a caption that basically stated that Emil’s/Anneliese’s grave site is visited by many because of here visions of seeing the Virgin Mary before her death who told her that if she continued to suffer, she would become a symbol for others to believe in a higher being blah, blah, blah.