Baby DaddyI do not know why I watch the Maury show because it is always the same either Transsexuals, Make-overs, or Baby Mamma/Daddy drama (paternity tests). 9 times out of ten I see Baby Mamma/Daddy drama & I ask myself, why are all of these people having unprotected sex. If you are in a relationship with some one, why are you having 6 other guys tested to see it they are you baby’s(s) father. I do not know who is worse, the men or the women. My sentiment is if
you have all this time to get busy, you have the time to a) get a job, b) get educated on safe sex practices c) be smart enough to know why you are going to be a guest on the Maury show.

Embarrassingly enough the majority of the guest are black & have been on the show multiple times, like Chakka & Georgetta who have been on the show a combined 18 times (guestimate). This feeds the myth of the welfare lazy ass black mother. Theses people need to wake up & get tested for more than paternity, there has to more going on in them drawers!