Over the last week, I spent approximately 8 hours at the damn movies & at least 4 of those hours were a total waste. I have seen “Four Brothers“, “Red Eye”, “The Brothers Grimm“, & “The Constant Gardener“. From this diverse & multi genre list “Four Brothers”, “Red Eye” were the wasted time. I was expecting so much from “Red Eye”, because I love Wes Craven movies, but he completely dropped the ball on this one. The characters were wack, the story line was shallow/cliché-ic (I just made this word up), and after it was all over I wanted my money back.

“Four Brothers” was a little bit better, but not b much, the rapper/baller wanne be actors did decent job but I just was not sold on the movie. The plot was thought out but could have been executed better. What I disliked most about this movie is that it was filmed in Detroit & showed the most absolute horrible spots they could have shown. Detroit just was not served any justice with this movie; I know it’s just a movie but… Per CNN “Four Brothers” is a dark and brooding drama about revenge and retribution. Set on the dirty streets of Detroit“, how fucked up is this to say.

Although “The Brothers Grimm” received horrible reviews, it looked so interesting, I had to see it. I was pleased with it overall but was a little embarrassed to learn that most the stories in this movie were related to Grimm’s Fables, I never made the connection. I would recommend this movie but would not take any kids; it was a little gruesome like the rabbit skinning scene (Yuk). I was happy to see my girl Persephone (The Matrix Revolutions) who played the Mirror Queen here,

“The Constant Gardener” was a definite pleaser; it had my favorite elements, twists, deep plot, well developed characters, violence, intrigue… Based on the best-selling John le Carré novel, this moves appeared to be to real to me when dealing with the attitude of the worlds SUPER-POWERS in regards to Africa(ns). The story is set in northern Kenya & deals with an international plot to test an experimental TB (Tuberculosis) drug on unsuspecting people as they die from side effects. There is a serious cover up from the British government, a fabricated forbidden love affair shape shifting agendas that will keep anyone’s mind going until the movie has a tragic but yet poignant end.

I left feeling satisfied from an entertainment perspective but wandered if the plot of this movie has any truth to it. Hopefully not! I 1st heard about this movie on NPR, there was like some big push from them, as always NPR steered my in the right direction. I sometimes am broke because of NPR.