Early this summer, I was pressed to find the perfect jeans to wear to the Jill Scott & Common concert in Detroit @ the Fox Theater. I searched high & low at the major retailers & at several malls, local stores: you name it & I went there, looking to the perfect designer jeans. Bottom line is, I came up empty handed & was pissed, because what I found was either too long or not big enough for my legs.

So now I was desperate & was ready to resort to the GAP, some Levi’s or Old Navy. So I went to Old Navy 1st & there I found them, the Old Navy Boot Cut jeans, perfect jeans & in my size. I like my jeans to fit loose but yet snug the right way, so I was in heaven. I winded up snatching 2 pairs for less than 60 bucks, which was ½ of what I was willing to pay. I went to the concert in my new jean blazer & new Old Navy boot cut jeans & had a great time & looked good while doing so.

Anyway I was driving past Old Navy the other day & saw a sign for jeans 2 FOR 40, so I almost broke my neck looking & decided to get 2 more pairs (different color/washes of course). I went & the jean section was like a war zone an Old Navy Iraq, and I could not find my size anywhere so now I am desperate yet again, for these perfect & inexpensive jeans. I am too cheap to go to another store because of gas & the fuckn’ Old Navy website is down.

I am thinking that it pays to not be a big boy, because the big sizes go 1st, but does this mean that the big boys shop more the average size guys or what. Hopefully more jeans come in before the sale ends Monday, If I luck out, I might say fuck it & buy 2 pairs anyway……..