Yesterday called for an after work affair to shake of an intense week. To ccommence the weekend, I had cocktails at Agave with “Cousin Dee”. Agave is mos def a good spot to start off a Friday night with their inexpensive happy hour menu which includes Enchiladas, Shrimp Cocktail, & a delicious Queso Fundido. Well after I had 4 Margaritas, lots of shit talkin’&…, we headed to the Festival of India @ Hart Plaza with my expectations up on what I would see.

Once we arrived downtown after creating a parking spot, we discovered that this was the wackest festival ever. There was on like 8 people there & we were 2 of them, the only thing good there was the breeze coming off of the Detroit River. We left ASAP & then happened upon a fashion show @ Campus Martius & I created another parking space, this time in a turning lane. Our theory on parking in Detroit is, the cops are too busy chasing people to be worried about someone who has been double parked for 2 hours.

I am still not sure who the MC was for this event but he was wack as hell & so were his back up wanna bee Destiny’s Child dancers. The great thing about this event thought was that it was a fundraiser for the DIA & Detroit Mayoral candidate Freeman Hendrix came out to welcome the crowd, I was just happy that it was not Kwamé! After a short stay we bounced & parted way. Before I went home I stopped & Union Street Saloon to pick up dinner for Suite Suzy.

When I called in my order for pick up & gave my name (Bygbaby), she (Cimbery) was like who &again I said Bygbaby & even spelled it out. Anyway when I arrived, I announced that I was there to pick up my order & he (Jack) was like its Bygbaby, which made me laugh. We talked a bit about Bygbaby referred them to my site for more information (it’s all about networking). Suit Suzy & I eat @ Unions quite often to get out favorite salad (Dragon’s Eggs) & Entree (Salmon Tortellini). Anyway today I saw that Jack & Cimbery signed my guest book, thanks guys.

I made it home with no DUI…. Just Kidding