When I 1st heard about this story in the spring I felt sorry for the little girl & I still do because I believed she was failed by the school & her mother. At 5 this was pretty dramatic/traumatic but something needed to be done to control the girl. From what I read there was just no consoling her whatsoever, her mother was not reachable & also gave the school strict instructions not to discipline her child. After I got these small details, I was like what kind of ghetto mess is this & seeing how that girl just really cut up, I think I would have shoot her with a tranquilizer then handcuffed her ass. If you are old enough & bad enough to hit well then…

I though the police acted appropriately, she what were they supposed to do in this case give her a hug & tell here it was going to be alright. I know that some educators & psych professionals think someone should have done all that but how can you really control this, I just know she could not make it in my home.

I never thought of this incident as being racially motivated, like others. Every incident that involves the police is not racially motivated come on people (well she was shakled like a slave). The mother is getting paid off of this; she recently sold her story to the tabloids & is in the process of suing (Shocker!).

A few weeks ago, a Florida judge stated that the cops that did the handcuffing acted with bad judgment but did not make any violations to the child or any laws etc. And now it is prohibited to cuff any bastards under 8 unless a supervising office is present.

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