This is very exciting news in the world of web development an updated version of the Macromedia Studio, which is scheduled for release mid September 05′ (fingers crossed). As always stand alone components are available for those who do not want to drop 999 US for the full Studio or 399 US. The stand alone components will range from 149 US – 699 US.

I for one must have it all & am excited about the new features in DreamWeaver 8 which will include:

  • Zoom
  • Code collapse
  • Workspace layouts
  • Background file transfer
  • Centralized access to re-usable code snippets
  • Integratable Flash Video
  • CSS layout visualization
  • XML Editing and Validation

Flash Pro 8 will now also feature:

  • Graphic filters (blur, drop shadow, bevel, and glow)
  • Blend Modes
  • Gradient control
  • FlashType – clear, high-quality font rendering engine
  • Video import workflow
  • SWF Metadata

Since I work for the University of Michigan, I am really looking forward to the educational purchase price of 299 US (WOW!!!) In Macromedia’s August 8 05’ press release they stated, ”Our beta testers worldwide agree: this release will fundamentally change the way people think about the creation and delivery of digital content.”, & “The addition of Contribute and FlashPaper allows designers and developers a streamlined approach to maintaining web content, making the upkeep of sites created with the suite even more cost effective. Studio 8 also includes groundbreaking new video encoding tools, which give customers an easier method for creating and publishing high-quality interactive video for truly memorable online experiences.”

Only a few more weeks & it will be on & popping.