If you are a real fan on the UK Jazz band Incognito, then I you gotta know who Ski Oakenfull is & what he is about. Ski has been a keyboardist with Incognito and has produced for other artist a well as releasing his own solo album in 2000 and a master remixer for a myriad of other artists. In July 05′ Ski released his sophomore album Rising Son which is scheduled to be released in the US Aug 23, 05, but I was lucky enough to find a copy on eBay last week (E-commerce Power). I had never heard any of his music but had got some good reviews from the Incognito message board.

Rising Son has much to offer fans of house | techno | ambient | electronica music with a wide rang of vocal talent & tempo. I got it 2 days ago & I have listened to it like 20 times already. My favorite tracks are: (click for sound snippets)

Rising Son features vocals by Detroiter Amp Fiddler whose distinctive raw voice makes you really feel the music on 2 tracks. I am not familiar with the other talent on this release, but it is all good. The one track that I kind of hate is Space Gun, it is too gloomy for me & actually helped me fall asleep, when I was trying to stay awake.

Definitely a good by especially for Let it Ride, I find Let Me By to be funny especially when Amp says “If you want to be my baby & not my baby’s mama, let me be myself”.

Ski seems to have some type of obsession with Japan, so I have to figure that one out. Wait so does Maysa Leak & Incognito, what am I missing? I have been to Japan, it was nice but…

Link to Ski’s site