Puff Daddy (for those of us who keep it real) has decided to change his name again to just Diddy. Puffy in a schizophrenic rant said “‘P’ was getting in between us (referring to himself).” I really don’t give a shit, I will still continue to call him, Puffy, it sounds better.

When I think of diddy, I think of genitalia, because we called out wee wee’s/penis’ diddies when I was a kid (way back when), vaginas were woo woo’s. Puff is trying to reinventing his character for the new offering to something a little eccentric and different, what the hell does that mean??? He changed his name to P Diddy in March of 2001.

BAW reported earlier this month that Puff is being sued for a federal patent infringement. The lawsuit was filed alleging that a phrase used by Diddy’s clothing line (“It’s A Lifestyle” in 2002) was too similar to a saying that had been patented for another clothing line.

“Sometimes people say I’m cocky and arrogant, but that comes with it.” – Puff Daddy, 1997.

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