Mindspill I got a new 05′ Saturn VUE (my 2nd VUE) last month from Saturn of Ann Arbor, MI. This purchase was made with some reluctance because Suite Suzy & I hate Saturn A2 in general because there is always some GHETTO drama jumping off. When taking my 1st VUE in for service, there was more often then not this stupid bastard checking me in & pissing me off with his poor communication skills, lack of general knowledge, and filthy hands (I hate filthy hands) “Bill” shall remain nameless. There was always a long ass wait for an oil change, when I would to get service for performance issues etc they did not believe me so I would come back a few times before I got any resolution.

The line was drawn when the started to screw over Suite Suzy with her VUE. She reported several times that there was some weird shaking and noise when she turned corners etc, but when she took it to Saturn A2, they could never repeat the issue & sent her packing. When we said fuck it, & she decided to call Saturn HQ’s and winded up getting a free 75K warranty, shortly thereafter there was a recall for the very issue she had been complaining about for weeks on end. During this time we both started to go to Saturn of Plymouth, MI, which was inconvenient because of the distance, but the service on all levels was great. Then we started to get calls from Saturn A2 begging us to come back to give them a try, they had revamped their service dept & offered a free oil change for all of the trouble. We did and there is/was less drama but the bad taste was in our mouths already.

With all this said, why would I lengthen the relationship by purchasing another vehicle from them? Well they have a good sales staff, I got a great deal, & it’s a minority owned business, which does not mean anything if the do not have a total package of good sales, service & overall customer service. Since I got my new VUE I had a episode of drama when going to get my fill up of gas (my purchased allowed me to get 115 gallons of free gas from Saturn A2) & I was denied a fill up because I did not have a fill up card. After going back & forth with this fat MoFo used car sales manager bastard I left with no gas & my gas light on. With gas prices over 1.57, I was really mad that I had to come out of my pocket

OK now that I am/was mad all over again, I had to decide if I wanted to call HQ to file a complaint or just say fuck it! I decided to call Jill (my awesome sales person) to let her know what jumped off & she immediately did some problem solving & made me feel better. I went today to get a fill up & found out that my little gas fiasco was a water cooler topic this week because of past drama & the management staff knew that I would lodge a complaint at the drop of a dime, I was quite amused by that & laughed.

My bad for being a fool twice or maybe…