Mindspill I was debating on posting this because I thought it was too embarrassing, but I guess life happens, why be shamed. When you gots’ kids anything can jump off.

Weeks ago my daughter had an itchy scalp for about a week +, so we got her some Head & Shoulders shampoo from a Dermatologist. For a few days she was fine, and then it started all over again. A week or so later the whole family started itching so we thought it could be anything but never lice. When culprit was revealed we were shocked to discover LICE! We all went to our PCP & was told that the itching was a heat related skin reaction, after our scalps were check and nothing found. We then washed all of the bed linens just in case.

Last week my wife noticed bugs in her hair after washing it & on the towel. She then checked the kids & found the culprit of all the itching drama, it was lice (YUK!) & SURPRISE NIGAAZZZ!!! After the discovery was made she hit the pharmacy to get treatment for the family. Ironically, all of this was going on as I was getting my Brotherlocks tightened so I informed my consultant immediately and she checked my scalp & saw no creepy crawlers then she proceeded to earn her money. When I got home I had my wife check me again & still nothing.

I went online & found the following sites that had a specific reference to lice & African Americans/Blacks whatever:

My wife (Suite Suzy) has wavy-straight hair (mixed/multi-racial), my daughter (Olivia) has very straight-tight curly hair & my little sister (Sade) has nappy hair in 2 strand twist, yet all infected. Although I found no live lice, I gave myself a treatment in case I may have had eggs. Everyone is now itch free, but we still cannot figure or determine where it all started.

Today we did a follow up lice treatment I definitely saw a decrease in the parasites so things are looking good. My story basically dispels the urban legend/myth that Black peeples don’t get no lice. Black Americans get 1% of all annual lice cases. Brazilian & African Blacks are far more likely to get lice infections (I forgot where I read this). Just wanted to share this experience & information.