Mindspill I heard this story on NPR recently & though it was on point. I would never put my life on the line for America, it’s not worth it. Too many Black people have died for the unjust causes of war etc on the home front & abroad. It’s like you are treated like shit as a citizen & denied basic respect in some cases but they want you (The Man | Government) want you to lay your life down, for wack wages. After I saw Fahrenheit 911 I knew I felt even better on my position with the military. It’s obvious that minorities are targeted (maybe a better alternative than…) with the promise of a bright future & school etc., but what difference does that all make if you wind up dead in the Middle East after only being there for 3 days.

NPR Story: The number of black Army recruits has dropped since 2001, according to reports. The proportion of black Americans in the Army is now roughly equal to the proportion of blacks in the general U.S. population. Michele Norris talks with Richard Whittle of the Dallas Morning News.